About Us


As a brand in the fashion industry, we wanted to take more responsibility.

We have created timeless pieces that can be worn for a long time rather than a wardrobe full of many different styles causing decision fatigue. 

Focusing on more essential items that are kind to the skin and kind to the earth.


How often are you planning on releasing your collection? 

Our collection will be released 2/3 months with limited stock in order to reduce waste and eliminate the overproduction cycle.

It is reported that 100billion clothes a year for just 7 billion humans.

Our collection will work on seasonal movements rather than strict fashion seasons.  

Studies have shown that many of us wear clothes 7 to 10 times before it ends up in the landfill.


What steps are you planning to take to be more responsible?

We are still in working progress but we are constantly thinking about how to move forward as a sustainable, slow fashion brand. 


Fabric Choices 

As our first step, we have used 95% of natural fibres, 40% of which are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. This means it is not treated with bleach or any other toxic substances and meets the social and environmental standards at its very highest. 

With sustainability aside, we have also chosen to use cotton as one of our main materials as it is more soft, natural and breathable than synthetic materials such as acrylic and polyester. 

We have also moved to using sustainable packaging, which is 100% bio degradable and paper packaging for the inside. 

For our oncoming collections, we will be committed to making environmentally conscious and ethical choices. We will also aim for 100% sustainable materials. We hope you can join us in the journey. 


Deadstock Fabrics 

For our summer collection, we have incorporated deadstock fabrics. Deadstock refers to leftover fabrics from brands or textile mills that have been unable to sell. 

How are we helping by using deadstock? 

  1. Not only does it reduce textile waste, it reduces the carbon footprint that would have been expended in the production of new materials. Remanufactured clothing can save 13,000lbs of CO2 emissions a year. 
  2. As it’s already been made, this means that no extra water is needed. 
  3. Deadstock fabrics normally end up in landfill as they’ve been overproduced. Around the world every year approximately $100bn worth of deadstock will end up going to waste. 
  4. This means for our customers, we are able to provide unique pieces that are in limited stock! 


Why are you taking pre-orders on some items? 

We feel that this is another sustainable approach we want to take. 

By taking pre-orders in advance, we are eliminating over production and producing the exact demand quantity. 

Although this requires some waiting time, we believe this step is an inevitable step that we will be taking for more of our products.


Where are your clothes made from? 

Our design team is based in London, with our partner factories being based in South Korea, Seoul.

We’re a small team working with a family run factory.

We’ve been working closely with our factory from the beginning as it is a safe and positive working environment.

We ensure that working conditions are met subject to developed world levels of minimum pay and we collaboratively implement improvement plans if required.   


What is your mission/goal with your business? 

We love fashion and providing sustainable, unique items to you! We will continue to do this as it is our love and joy! 

In addition, it is our passion to help those who are in need. 

From the past, we have donated monthly to Compassion. Compassion is a christian based charity, who transform a child’s life by providing essential needs and education. 

We are planning to extend our donations to Syria - families who have fled their home to escape the conflict and living conditions that are unbearable. 

From every order we receive, we will be taking the step to donating £2 per order. 

We thank you for your love and know that we will be working hard to spread the compassion further to those who are in need.